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"A camera operator’s dream... tilt, roll, pan at will, all while stir-frying!" 

   - Garrett Brown, inventor of the Steadicam and all around Renaisance man

"My first time using it. Honestly I don't know anything that could achieve this shot better. I'm sold!!!!
- Operator Brian Bernstein, Chambers

"Oh CamWok, where have you been my whole life? Called for you today for the first time, in anger... borrowing a segment from your mighty owner’s manual... by declaring loudly in a deep voice “bring me the CamWok.”   


A standing ovation was had from the Director, DP, ACs, Grips and ADs alike.   True unification.  

Operator Alec Jarnagin,

Netflix Feature Saw You Yesterday


"The days of 'camera on a shot bag' are over. Finally, I can PAN AND TILT eight inches off the ground quickly (and even better, affordably). The CAMWOK opens up a wide variety of graceful possibilities (including my favorite: an ‘Over the Shoulder’ over a subject laying on the ground) that I’ve always wanted to explore. It is a tool I will be using for many years to come!"

Director of Photography Diana Matos

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