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CamWok Tips and Tricks


  1. A shot bag under the cross bar will add extra oomph to the CamWok and can aid in stabilizing shots.​

  2. Try using a gardener’s kneepad (the kind that has a smooth surface) under your CamWok to make panning and tilting more precise.

  3. Do not taunt your CamWok.

  4. The CamWok ring (item #C23890-B) allows you to let go of the camera during setups, can be used as a lock off device for static shots, and in some instances as a smooth way to pan and tilt.

  5. Always call for the CamWok out loud with snappy zingers like “get the WOK”, “it’s time to wok and roll” or, in a very deep slow voice with eyes rolling to the back of your head “bring me my CamWok”. This will add both gravitas and hilarity to your day and please and delight your fellow crewmembers.

  6. Did you know that your CamWok fits perfectly in a Panavision dual 400’ Mag case with the center divider taken out for easy storage and transportation. Check your local rental house or landfill and take one home today!

  7. Please post pictures of you using your CamWok with #CamWok hashtag and/or send them to us at


Finally, please take it slow as you begin to learn the ins and outs of using a tool such as this. We’ve heard of several instances where people have simply gone too far too fast and ended up in the hospital. The CamWok is not a toy but a highly technical piece of filmmaking equipment and should be treated as such. 


Happy CamWokking!!!!!


P.S. Legally we must inform you that due to the powdercoating your CamWok is for camera support only and cannot be used for cooking under any circumstances.

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