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Proceeds from all CamWok orders are donated to the three charities listed below in rotation.

Food on Foot - Serving homeless in LA every Sunday for 21 years, Food on Foot goes a step farther with a 10 week program that builds people back up, gets them off the street and into an apartment of their own, and helps them find a job. They have an 85% success rate and rely 100% on personal donations.

Carbon Fund - Carbon Fund has been planting trees and fighting to curb deforestation throughout the globe for over 15 years. Thanks to your orders we have already planted close to 1000 trees and the number continues to grow!

Kiva - Kiva is a micro-lending organizations that helps people all over the planet improve their lives by giving them small loans, most of which are paid back within a year. The great part is that once the funds are paid back, we can relain them and the helping continues on and on.

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