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• Wait, what now? - Huh?

• How does this thing work? - Oh, gotcha. Well, you add a quick release plate onto the CamWok and within minutes the camera can be low on the ground (or any surface) and still allow an op to pan and tilt easily. One of the places it has come in really handy besides down low is on a dining room table where you want the cam at eye level to someone sitting down. The beach is great too, just throw down a pancake, pop the CamWok on top and you are good to go.

• What's the ring thingy for? - The ring is a resting stand so you can walk away from the CamWok without it tilting to one side or the other. It also works well for lockoffs.

• Do you operate with the ring under the CamWok? - Generally not as it limits your panning and tilting but some people have used them for shots that just require minor adjustments.

• Does it come with a quick release plate? - No, the CamWok does not come with a quick release but they can be purchased separately from Clean's Camera Support.

• Can I cook with my CamWok? - Sadly no, although this is a common question. The powder coating makes it unusable for anything involving food.

• Can I get my CamWok in other colors? - Actually you can and there are a whole slew of possibilities. That said, we are at the mercy of the powder coating gods on that one as they have to wait until the next run of that color and we can't guarantee when that would be. But if you are ok paying up front and waiting, yep, you can have them in other colors.

• When do I pay? - We don't accept payment until we have your CamWok in our hands so simply place your order and we will get back in touch when we have yours ready to go. You only pay at that time.

• Is it true that the Odessa Steps sequence was shot entirely on an earlier Russian version of the CamWok? - We've heard that rumor too but have had trouble confirming whether or not it's true. Eisenstein was a genius though so it wouldn't surprise us.

• What about Jaws? - Yes, that one's true, every shot in the movie was done on a pre-curser to the CamWok called the WackyWok (stupid name). Quite a feat and it shows you how well it works on both land and sea! Fun fact -Robert Shaw was really drinking in that final boat scene and apparently kept on flubbing takes because he was distracted and saying "looks like we're gonna need a bigger wok." 

• Is the CamWok the only piece of equipment you make? - At the present time, it is, but fear not, we have great plans. We are currently working on CamRope, CamRug, CamSpam and the CamWok 3000, the much anticipated 100% digital version of the 2000 that works seamlessly with both the Commodore 64 and the Vic 20 (48kb upgrade required). We don't presently have release dates for any of these exciting products, but stay tuned and you'll be the first to know!

• Is this all a joke? -  Actually no. But don't believe us, order your CamWok today and see for yourself!

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