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The CamWok 2000  (CamWok Classic) is sadly no longer available. You can still view them on many sets and of course at The Smithsonian in Washington DC.

The CamWok 5000 is a two piece system where the center spar lifts out. This allows you to use both pieces as you would a CamWok 2000 (X,Y,and Z axis) and quickly take out the center spar in order to achieve shots with only the X and Y Axis. They cost $350* plus $45 shipping** anywhere in the US and come with hardware for attaching a camera plate of your choice (Touch n Go not included) and a handy ring for placing the CamWok on when not in use. Units can be shipped or picked up locally in Los Angeles.

* We apologize for the recent price increase but due to the increase in the cost of steel our costs have increased almost 40%. The price increase reflects that adjustment and still allows us to make the same charitable donation as we have in the past.

** Please note that we ship via Fedex ground which usually takes a few days but can vary these days. If time is a concern please let us know.

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